Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Taking a break!

I have just added an announcement to the website to say we are taking a summer break 8th ~ 24th June!
It feels long overdue as we haven't stopped since last September.  I'm planning to have a complete switch off from all online activity so that I can really recharge my batteries and also catch up on some tedious admin....I'm scarily behind on all my accounting so I hope to get totally up to date!
I'm looking forward to breaking up the bookwork with some days out, afternoon tea, national trust gardens....that sort of thing..... sitting out enjoying our garden and maybe have a couple of days away on the coast...who knows?  The world will be my oyster :-)
Enjoy the summer everyone!

Carol x

P.S The website will remain open so you can still place an order which will be shipped on 25th JUNE.  All email enquiries will be replied to from the same date.

Rose pictured The Pilgrim by David Austin Roses.  Announcement bar app