Tuesday, 9 August 2011

New Website, new name!

Well, several months after starting my new website, last week it finally went LIVE!

I have had the domain name www.vintagejewelbox.co.uk for years and decided that as 'Vintage' is definately the 'new black' and gaining a bigger following by the second it was a good time to re-brand slightly and change the name of the site and my trading name to Vintage Jewel Box

I didn't expect it to take me quite so long to complete and I now realise now how an artist must feel when they are painting or sculpting etc......you never quite know if the piece is finished, you keep tweaking this, adding that and you have to be careful not to overdo it as sometimes less is more :-)
I'm sure as time goes on I will add new things or change little elements but for now I am going to just concentrate on adding more stock so there is a good selection and making sure there are no operating glitches.

If you have a few spare moments please take a look, any feedback is very welcome :-) www.vintagejewelbox.co.uk

Carol x