Sunday, 8 April 2012

Vintage Liberty silk scarves on trend for this season!

Over Easter I have added some lovely vintage Liberty of London pure silk scarves to the website..........
Liberty scarves are always nice quality silk and the variety of designs never ceases to amaze me as I am always seeing one I haven't had before!  They range from the traditional floral and paisley designs associated with Liberty textiles to fabulous pictorial, commemorative and geometric prints.
Buying a vintage Liberty scarf represents very good value for money.........New they retail for around £100 and upwards, the ones I sell on the site range from £26 to approx £65 depending on size and condition.

I always handwash and press my scarves before selling them and will point out any obvious flaws and grade them either 'GOOD' 'VERY GOOD' OR 'EXCELLENT' All are wearable as I won't buy anything I wouldn't use myself so any flaws are very minor :-)

The brightly coloured one above is a perfect example of how vintage can blend with the current fashion trends....This seasons bold florals in bright colours make this scarf completely on trend and it is much easier to wear for most of us than say a dress in a similar print.

I haven't managed to do justice to the scarf above with my photography as the delicate soft pink, blue and lavender colourway and design have lost there impact somewhat....It is much prettier in reality than my pictures show and again links with the other trend for this season 'Pastels'  It would look lovely casually tied at the neck with a soft pink or blue mac!