Friday, 8 May 2009

Decadent Deco days.....

Hi Everyone,
This is just a quick update post while I try to make headway getting my new stock photographed and uploaded onto the site :-)

Firstly, thank you to everyone who came to see our stand at the NEC 'Antiques for Everyone' show last month. We had fairly good trading, but the new look of the show meant some customers couldn't find us and the majority found the new layout very confusing. A bit of a straw poll of visitors and stand holders over the duration of the show seemed to find very few in favour of it.....Feel free to add a comment about it!

The week after the Nec, I go completely 'bloop' ........ You do so much talking to everyone and standing up all day, it just wears you out emotionally and physically....

Anyway, I have had chance to re-coup because as an Anniversary treat we went up to 'The Midland' in Morecambe, the Famous Art Deco hotel featured in TV dramas like Poirot and host to lots of stars and celebrities over the years.
Up until a couple of years ago it was completely derilict and in danger of falling into the sea and being lost forever.........Then a miracle happened, Urban Splash bought it and brought it back to life, restoring the unique Art Deco architectural structure of the building and refitting the interior in a sypathetic modern boutique style.

This fabulous sweeping, circular staircase is an original feature......Wonderful for making an entrance :-)

The restaurant has beautiful panoramic views across Morecambe Bay. The gentle shades of blues, greys and beige browns of the view out to sea added to the white quality of light you get up on that part of the coast is very restful and calming......

Right.....back to the grindstone!