Tuesday 16 October 2018

Fabulous Art Deco style Sapphire Diamond ring!

Hi Everyone!

I thought I'd share with you a one of the rings I found last week when I went out on the hunt for treasure!
It's a stunning Art Deco style vintage sapphire and diamond ring that will be sure to get your heart racing 💓  Crafted in 18ct white gold it has approximately 2.75 carat of mid blue sapphires accented by four old cut diamonds......
Take a look below 😀

Full details on the website :  Here

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Taking a break!

I have just added an announcement to the website to say we are taking a summer break 8th ~ 24th June!
It feels long overdue as we haven't stopped since last September.  I'm planning to have a complete switch off from all online activity so that I can really recharge my batteries and also catch up on some tedious admin....I'm scarily behind on all my accounting so I hope to get totally up to date!
I'm looking forward to breaking up the bookwork with some days out, afternoon tea, national trust gardens....that sort of thing..... sitting out enjoying our garden and maybe have a couple of days away on the coast...who knows?  The world will be my oyster :-)
Enjoy the summer everyone!

Carol x

P.S The website will remain open so you can still place an order which will be shipped on 25th JUNE.  All email enquiries will be replied to from the same date.

Rose pictured The Pilgrim by David Austin Roses.  Announcement bar app hektorcommerce.com

Thursday 24 May 2018

Dig for victory


We all love a bit of nostalgia and for me the Era that resonates the most is the 1940s.
Don’t get me wrong! I adore the 1920s and 1930s for the cool Art Deco designs of jewellery, clothes, architecture etc, but the decade that warms my heart is the shabby, homely, handcrafted, fighting spirit of WW2 1939-1945.
I think it is because it was still present in the homes of my grandparents when I was growing up.
The ‘waste not, want not’ thriftiness evident in the kitchen drawer where neatly tied pieces of string and carefully folded paper bags nestled with ancient pairs of scissors, short stubs of pencils and other bits and bobs that always come in handy.
Big flowery aprons, handknits, home bakes and beds of rhubarb in the garden were all carried forward from the 1940s into the ration years of the 1950s and were still going strong in the 1960s when I was a child.
At the weekend we visited Newark Air museum and there we stumbled upon this wonderful Dig for Victory garden complete with a fully furnished Anderson shelter.  The delight was in the fine detail from the little handcrafted aeroplane toys, the abandoned pipe and headline on the newspaper, to the picture of Winnie inside the shelter.  
Whoever curated this evocative little patch of Britain, either lived through those terrifying years or loves the cosy, hearth and home, careworn warmth of all the treasured items and values that survived it, as much as I do.

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Four of a kind!

Featured above are four beautiful vintage rings currently in the website shop.
Each one would be classed as a cluster but they all have a different appeal and their own unique look!

The first on the left is an Art Deco design oval sapphire and diamond ring.  The cabochon sapphire is surrounded by lots of small diamonds set closely together called ‘pavé setting'
It is easy to wear as it doesn’t have claws to catch on clothes and as sapphires are next in hardness to diamonds the combination is a good choice for daily wear.  You can see more detail here : Vintage Sapphire and diamond cluster ring.

Next in line is a beautiful traditional design diamond cluster ring.  Sometimes called daisy rings or halo rings.  This one has a lovely millegrain setting with one carat of brilliant cut diamonds all collet set.  Millegrain is a form of engraving which is executed by hand, each little line or detail is painstakingly applied by an engraver and it really adds to the  beauty of a piece of jewellery.  Again this ring has no claws to catch on clothes so it’s great to wear! May need your sunglasses though! Check it out here : Vintage diamond cluster ring

The third ring is a ruby and diamond cluster and is another easy to wear ring with a no claw collet setting.  Rubies, like sapphires are next in line to diamond for hardness and the collet setting is very secure.  The spacing of the brilliant cut diamonds is more flower petal like and each stone is bordered by diamond cut hand engraving which gives a pretty effect.  This sweet ring would be a unique dress ring and perfect as anniversary gift.  All the detail is here : Vintage diamond and ruby cluster ring

Last but not least is the Antique Edwardian diamond cluster ring.  This sweet ring has a lighter more dainty look on the hand, but with no less appeal as it is more truly like a daisy or flower.
Like the others it has a practical collet setting but this time with old cut diamonds which have a more unique character than the perfect brilliant cut.   A very sweet ring that would be a delightful engagement ring or a special birthday gift.  To read more click here : Antique diamond daisy ring

If you have any questions about the four featured rings please feel free to contact me by email via the website page CONTACT US.
To see our full collection of Antique and Vintage rings and unique jewellery visit the website : Vintage Jewel Box

Saturday 17 March 2018

Who doesn’t love millegrain!

Coming to the Vintage Jewel Box website over the weekend is this beautiful diamond cluster ring. I’m a sucker for cluster rings but even more so when they have millegrain settings like this beauty.
It is packed with 1.00 carat of sparking white diamonds and spreads 1.3cms across the setting so it certainly grabs your attention!
Why not add it to your wishlist 😉