Sunday, 19 February 2012

A little knitting project!

I used to knit......A lot!
Over the last few years I have scarcely picked up the needles except to knit for my two nephews when they were babies and who are now 13 and 15....shows how long ago I am talking about :-)

Then my friend Jenny (who I stand with at the Nec) became a grandmother in 2010 and I when Alice was born I made her a sweet little cardi in a vintage pink.  I really enjoyed doing it as I found it gave me some clear headspace away from various worries and although I love what I do most of the time, it can become all consuming so it was nice that it wasn't anything to do with work.  I took the needles out again last summer when my other friends daughter had her second baby and was thrilled with how delighted she was with the little cardi and bootees I had knitted.

Things in my personal life have been quite difficult since then, so I decided it was time for another knitting project as a bit of therapy to help clear my head for a hour or so a day :-)
Aran knitting was always my favourite of all as it grows fast and keeps me concentrating enough not to get bored.  I don't mind a bit of stocking stitch but my mind wanders all over the place and I get that I look forward to casting off!
I have chosen a traditional aran pattern for a little boy and have got on quite well as I have finished the back now.


Initially though all was not well,  I had to take it back to the ribbing twice as I went completely wrong!!!
I was just being blase because years ago I could rattle off an aran in no time, but I was really out of practice after years of being in the knitting desert and needed to get back into the right mode.  Needless to say once I sat down for long enough and quietly concentrated for the first couple of inches it was like riding a don't actually lose the skill, you just go a bit wobbly at first :-)

I am now on the sleeves and for the first time ever I am knitting two sleeves on one pair of needles.  A friend of my Mums used to knit for a shop years ago and I remember seeing her doing both sleeves at once but never tried it.  Well........ it's brilliant!

I have nearly finished them and it will be great that when I cast off, two of them are done :-)
I am now thinking I may attempt the two fronts on one needle!

I'll keep you posted :-)

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