I have always loved jewellery and fashion.  When I was a child I used to love dressing up and would raid the wardrobes of both my grandmothers for high heeled shoes and drape myself with the contents of their jewellery boxes whenever I went to visit.  
I also love any kind of craft work, my lovely Mummy taught me how to sew and knit as soon as I could hold the needles.  In our family we were encouraged to be creative and no-one liked to see children idling away doing nothing so they would find you something to do.  Happily for me my Aunts and Grandmothers patiently taught me the basics of baking, how to cross stitch or crochet or tackle a sewing pattern etc...

In my late teens and early twenties I worked in a Vintage fashion shop where we bought and sold vintage clothing, handbags, shoes, linen, bric-a-brac, etc and my new passion vintage costume jewellery.  I hardly ever took home any wages because I was surrounded by temptation all week!

I later moved to the Fashion Industry, working freelance for Independent Lingerie and Bridal Designers.  It was an interesting but difficult time as the country was going into a major recession and a lot of the smaller businesses were really struggling to keep going in spite of the fantastic quality goods they produced.   In 1990 I moved out to the countryside and I left behind the ailing Fashion world and city life and found freedom in a life straight out of the pages of ‘Country Living'

Without a job I had lots of spare time so I sewed, knitted and cooked more than ever before and spent many happy hours trawling local bric-a-brac markets, antique fairs and village jumble sales, filling my home with wonderful vintage finds.  Along with things for the home I was also buying my old favourites, vintage clothes, accessories, textiles and jewellery.  
In the end with very little money coming in and no job on the horizon I decided to turn my hobby into a business and stood my first antique fair at the famous Newark Showground.  Since that first fair I haven't looked back and over the years I have bought and sold vintage jewellery and accessories at most of the well known antique and Art Deco fairs.

Times have changed over the years..... The Antiques trade is much more global and internet based so we have all had to adapt to stay in business but I enjoy the challenge of the new and find it taps into my creative side.  I no longer live in the country and am close to the city again but we have a little oasis of a garden that backs onto a park so I can sit out with my knitting or my laptop! and still indulge in the 'Country Living' dream from time to time.....
Carol :-)

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