Saturday, 31 January 2009

Lots & lots of new vintage stock!

Well, I have had my nose flat to the grindstone all week sorting out all the pics I have taken of the new vintage stock I had ready and getting it uploaded onto the website....
It always takes an age to list it all, probably because I am self taught when it comes to typing and although I use both hands, I only seem to use 3 fingers and a thumb ! Which makes for fairly slow and inaccurate progress ;-)

I have put a good mix of different things on, some fresh silk scarves including the gorgeous, not so shabby chic Liberty one above and as I am sure there is still quite a blast of winter on its way.....Sundays forecast is for snow from Russia!!! There is a warm and colourful Liberty shawl which is great for wrapping round your shoulders to keep nice and cosy when writing your blog ;-)
I have lots of lovely necklaces in stock so it is difficult picking out which ones to put on the site. I really like the rich sapphire blue of both of these and as they both have a completely different look and feel I put them both on...

If you want to join the mailing list for new stock updates just CLICK HERE and register your details. Don't forget to check the email update box !

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

So much to little time!

There just don't seem enough hours in the day to get all the things you want to do, done and frustratingly the mornings are so dark that I feel as though I am emerging from a winter hibernation and really struggle to get cracking!

Tea always helps to wake up the little grey cells and get the body going.... At the moment my morning favourite is Broken Orange Pekoe which I bought from Betty's in York when we went up there on a visit to the National Railway Museum a couple of weeks ago. Digressing slightly, one of the reasons I bought the tea is when I was small, my Nana (in the pic above) used to have in her larder a wonderful Orange Pekoe Tea tin from the 1930's which I really coveted though goodness knows where it went?

Anyway, I can really recommend the museum for a day out, even if you aren't that interested in trains, which I am not especially, but the whole nostalgia of the days of steam was enough appeal. Richard wanted to see the new steam train the Tornado which was featured on a recent TV programme.
The museum has lots of vintage railwayana exhibits and you can peer though the windows of the Royal Carriages and see how sumptious and detailed some of them are inside, beautifully fitted out with little brass beds and dressing tables etc......Wonderful for a nostalgia lover like me.

We also had time to walk around the cobbled streets and have a look in the Antique centres which was great as there is so much jewellery in them for me to drool over. York is a great day out, I never seem to tire of going up there.

It was a good tea & cake day as the museum restaurant/cafe had very good food and huge slices of carrot cake which weren't for passing up...... At the end of the day I contrived to end up in Bettys Tearoom as we needed a little morsel of something to energise us for the drive home.

We had a nice pot of tearoom blend tea and as it seemed such a shame to have something I could have any day at home like teacakes or sandwiches I ended up with Chocolate Torte from the sweet trolley!!! Bad girl me ;-)

Anyway, I'm just waffling now about tea and cake when there is work to be done!
I have been quite busy most of the week getting vintage stock photographed so that when the Sale ends on the website there are lots of new and exciting pieces to browse.

I have also opened a shop, Vintage Jewel Box on etsy, which is a lovely site for exquisite handmade craft pieces and vintage. I have spent ages just looking at the wonderful things on there and bookmarking pretty corsages and vintage clothes that I would like to buy when I should really have been listing my own stock!
I am amazed at the incredible creative output some people have, its brilliant to see all this talent out there......very INSPIRING :-)