Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Trying out Video!

Today I ventured into unchartered territory!
I decided it could be helpful for buyers to see a 360° video of the item they are interested in.  When buying online you need as much information as possible and to add a moving image gives a bit more detail and insight.  I have seen some short Video clips on other websites and occasionally on Ebay so armed with my camera, lightbox, turntable and a tripod I set to work and managed to do a video of a Deco ring I have just bought for stock.
I'm not very familiar with the settings for filming clips on the camera so it is still a work in progress!  I need to look for a tutorial about the best camera settings and file sizes etc keeping in mind quality and clarity are all important when looking at items of jewellery.  I looked at Vimeo but when the video had loaded the quality was reduced so I had the brainwave of trying to put it on a post on the blog so I could link to it here for the time being :-)

Here is the first attempt!

Very much a work in progress.........If anyone has any advice or can recommend a helpful link please feel free to comment :-)

Carol x.