Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Hi Everyone,

It has been long, long time since I posted anything to the blog as like lots of people I ended up with a nasty virus that came on over the Christmas holidays and stayed with me for most of January :-(
It was difficult to summon up any energy or concentration for anything! Plus we had all the wintery weather which was exciting at first, but became a bit tedious once the novelty had worn off. Even my nephews got fed up of trudging to school twice a day in the snow and cold, I suppose when it becomes the norm' even snowball fights become boring :-)

Anyway, the upside is that website was really busy in January and February ( thank you to everyone who made a purchase) probably because we were all stuck indoors more and buying online is such a great thing to do when the weather is cold and horrible. It is great because it has galvanised me to get stuck in to some real work and over the last couple of weeks I have been busy photographing and adding some of the lovely things that have been waiting in the wings, like this beautiful dress clip.

As usual vintage Tootal scarves are ever popular so I have added more of those and I keep on re-stocking as they sell, so keep checking back to the site if you are interested in Tootals.

Thank you to everyone who looked at the latest email flyer and clicked through onto the site. Please feel free to forward the email to anyone you know :-)

Next up for me is the Nec show at Birmingham which will be great as it has been a long gap since the last one in October. It is so nice to see all the stock displayed in one go after all the hard work searching it out and getting it ready for sale!

If you want to come to see 'The Jewel Box' at the 'Nec Antiques for Everyone show' Birmingham, 8-11 April, I have a few invitations going spare so you can email me via the blog or the website.

Carol x