Saturday, 31 January 2009

Lots & lots of new vintage stock!

Well, I have had my nose flat to the grindstone all week sorting out all the pics I have taken of the new vintage stock I had ready and getting it uploaded onto the website....
It always takes an age to list it all, probably because I am self taught when it comes to typing and although I use both hands, I only seem to use 3 fingers and a thumb ! Which makes for fairly slow and inaccurate progress ;-)

I have put a good mix of different things on, some fresh silk scarves including the gorgeous, not so shabby chic Liberty one above and as I am sure there is still quite a blast of winter on its way.....Sundays forecast is for snow from Russia!!! There is a warm and colourful Liberty shawl which is great for wrapping round your shoulders to keep nice and cosy when writing your blog ;-)
I have lots of lovely necklaces in stock so it is difficult picking out which ones to put on the site. I really like the rich sapphire blue of both of these and as they both have a completely different look and feel I put them both on...

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  1. I took a hurry look at your jewels,(very tempting)
    I have no time right now
    But tomorrow I will visit your web shop. They look beautiful!

  2. Hi Pussman, thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to leave a comment, it is the first one I have had so I am excited !!! :-) I couldn't work out how to reply so I hope you pick this up ok.
    I took a very quick glance at your blog and can see why you love my black puss cat :-) I will definitely take time out to have a closer look as we seem to have lots in common, cats, bears, and we are both year of the tiger! If you have any questions re the webshop just drop me a line...Carol x