Monday, 22 June 2009

New vintage stock for June

Just a quick post to say that I have finally managed to do the new vintage upload!!!

I've added quite a lot of vintage accessories, some summery silk scarves and some jewellery, so please take a look if you have a few minutes to spare :-)

I should have done the upload weeks ago, but I find it so hard to be cooped up inside on the computer if the weather is nice and the garden is looking so lovely I want to be out there morning, noon and night :-)

We have also been out and about quite a bit, I love going to outside venues like vintage car rally's or steam fairs and last week we went to an outdoor Antique Fair at Stamford Meadows which is a wonderful venue near the river in historic Stamford Town in Lincolnshire.
We saw lots of people we haven't seen for ages so we spent most of the time chatting and catching up on bits of news and gossip. We also saw quite a few dealers that we haven't come across before so it made it interesting. I bought a few pieces of stock, which was an added bonus to the glorious sunny day!


  1. Be still my beating heart! Your vintage jewellery is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a friend who does the same (Bag the Jewels) .. fantastic way to earn a crust. I wish I was an expert. I do have a particular soft spot for marcesite (see I can't even spell it!!) Thanks for following my blog. I am exploring yours and loving what I see! x

  2. Hi JuliaB, thanks so much for your lovely comments :-) I'm still pretty new to blogging and get quite thrilled when I get contact from someone out there! ( I sometimes anyone reading this!) I found your fabulous blog via Bag the Jewels website ~ We share a mutual friend and a soft spot...I love marcasite jewellery too....It's very hard to part with to earn said crust, but needs must :-) xx